About Us - Our Philosophy

About Us - Our Philosophy


Seniors for Seniors is dedicated to linking the passion of our people and the quality of our services to the needs of our clients and patients.


Seniors for Seniors will provide the best health care experience.


At Seniors for Seniors, our values are reflected in everything that we do and can be represented in the following words:

  • Caring: We help others the way we want to be helped.
  • Trust: We count on each other.
  • Responsiveness: We always do our best and search for ways to do it even better.
  • Safety: We keep our patients and staff safe.

Our philosophy is simple, combine quality care with companions close in age to our clients. At Seniors for Seniors we believe that sharing common experiences is an essential component of compassionate caregiving. To foster this, we provide mature companions to assist seniors in living happier more independent lives in the comfort of their own home, retirement community or long term care facility.

Why choose Seniors for Seniors? We believe in the 4 C's:

  • Consistency: We make every effort to send the same companion each visit.
  • Compassion: We carefully screen all applicants to ensure that we are hiring the most compassionate and caring individuals.
  • Compatibility: We ensure that we match each client with the right companion for their needs.
  • Cost–effective: We know every individual is priceless, so we provide peace of mind for you and your loved one at a competitive price.


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Featured Testimonial

The caregivers have all been conscientious, caring and skilled service providers. Providing 24-7 coverage can be problematic but with Seniors For Seniors we have experienced an exceptional commitment from management to ensure continuity of service at all times.

G.N., Alliston