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Monday June 29, 2015

At Seniors for Seniors, we believe that our mature companions are the best people to provide care and assistance to seniors; as they offer the opportunity for clients to share common experiences and foster genuine relationships with companions who are close in proximity to their age. Our companions are proud of the relationships they form with their clients and often describe the friendships they build as the most rewarding aspect of their jobs. They also appreciate just how much they can learn from the stories, advice, and wisdom of the seniors they care for!

With Seniors’ Month in Ontario coming to an end, we are wrapping up our Words from the Wise campaign. We asked some of our Companions to share with us the best pearls of wisdom they’ve learned from their clients over the years! Here are some of our favourites:

  • “Life is a dance floor. Everyone can dance, we just have different rhythms!” – Client of Seniors for Seniors Companion, Stephanie
  • “We are all here on this Earth for a number of reasons, and until we accomplish those reasons, here we shall stay” – Client of Seniors for Seniors Companion, Armande
  • “The right hand should know what the left hand is doing before opening the cupboard door” – Client of Seniors for Seniors Companion, Jane
  • “At 100+ years of age, I am still LOVING life! There is so much out there to live for and look forward to, no matter your age!” – Client of Seniors for Seniors Companion, Peter
  • “The secret to a long-lasting marriage is this: When I do something wrong, I say I’m sorry. When my wife does something wrong, I say I’m sorry!” – Father-in-law of Seniors for Seniors Branch Manager, Grace Belliveau.

It’s not too late to share the wisdom a senior in your life has given you! Use the hashtag #wordsfromthewise on your favourite social media platform to share with us the best piece of wisdom you’ve received!

Missed our Words from the Wise videos on Family, Happiness and Love? Want to see more wise words that others have shared? You can catch up on the video series and view shared words from the wise at!


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Featured Testimonial

We are very grateful for your thoughtfulness and for the excellent care that mum received over the past year from all the senior companions. Sincerely,

I and B. B, Hamilton