Overnight Assistance

Overnight Assistance

If staying alone overnight is a concern for you or your loved one, our experienced overnight companions can provide you with the assurance you and your loved one need to sleep peacefully throughout the night. Our levels of overnight assistance are based on the needs of each client. These include bedside sitting suitable for clients in long term care facilities, or in home overnight assistance where our companions are provided an opportunity to catch some rest.

Alongside ensuring that you or your loved one has a good night's rest, our overnight companions can also:

  • Prepare evening snacks
  • Assist in getting ready for bed
  • Transfer assistance throughout the night
  • Ensure that you or your loved one has everything they need for the night ready and available (ie. commode placement, glass of water, night light etc.)
  • Morning care (personal and home care)
  • Prepare breakfast


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Featured Testimonial

These caregivers are fine people.  In addition to obvious competence, they consistently manifest compassion, dedication, patience and affectionate regard for my Aunt. When asked, I do not hesitate to recommend Seniors For Seniors.

R.S., Toronto