5 Caregiver Commandments

We know that the role of a caregiver is a complex one that comes with many blessings, along with some challenges and difficulties. At Seniors for Seniors, we work with caregivers every day who dedicate their time and self to the well-being of others in need. Over the years, we have identified key commandments that our caregivers use to help them through the good days and the tough days.


These simple but effective commandments can make your day a little easier and also allow you to continue fulfilling your duties as a caregiver in the best way possible.


  1. Find humour in many places: “Laughter Is the Best Medicine.” Approach things with a light heart and laugh off the frustrations in your every day adventures.


  2. Take a Break: We cannot stress this enough. We know the laundry list of things to do is never ending but it will all be there when you return from a quick break. Use a 15 minute walk or coffee break to recharge your mind and body.


  1. Reflect on the day: What went well? What could’ve been handled or managed differently? What is one positive thing that you can take away from the day’s activities? Whatever it is, let that count the most.


  2. Don’t ignore your own health: Caring for another individual does not mean you don’t take audit of your own health and happiness. Take time to make sure you are sleeping well, eating right and feeding your soul.


  3. You can’t do it all.  It’s alright to ask for help.  You need to have some respite time, and there are going to be things on your list that you just can’t do by yourself. Be sure to have a support system ready.



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Featured Testimonial

We are very grateful for your thoughtfulness and for the excellent care that mum received over the past year from all the senior companions. Sincerely,

I and B. B, Hamilton