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Jaspal and Afroz

Afroz and Jaspal

Jaspal (60ish) and Afroz (30ish) - Father and Son

What makes the two of you laugh the most?

Afroz: We laugh about memories from the past, including my childhood. It's funny to think about all of the innocent questions I used to ask my dad.

Jaspal: We laugh about family and funny stories and experiences.

What would be your ideal family vacation?

Afroz: A family reunion in India where I could meet my extended family and learn about my fore fathers and how they lived.

Jaspal: I would let my son choose. Anywhere he wants to go is fine with me!

What's the nicest thing you've ever done for each other?

Afroz: We have always made it a point to have dinner together. This gives us time to talk and connect!

Jaspal: I can't think of one thing, but I think it’s nice that we always show respect and love for each other.

Who's the more adventurous one?

Afroz: Of course, me!

Jaspal: Just as he said, my son is always the adventurous one!

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

Afroz: I love rock climbing so I would love to be a monkey!

Jaspal: I'd love to be a dog. They enjoy their life so comfortably—especially in North America!

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