Words from the Wise

James and Bruce

Bruce and James

James (50ish) and Bruce (60ish) - Mentee and Mentor

How would you spend a typical Friday night?

Bruce: My typical Friday nights are spent with my wife and a good meal! Friday nights are also when I watch Heartbeat on TVO.

James: My Friday’s are pretty similar! Usually relaxing at home or out for dinner with friends.

What makes the two of you laugh the most?

Bruce: We both love a good joke! Especially ones about life, marriage, politicians, etc. We also love comedians like Dave Allen, Russell Howard, Chris Rock and Robin Williams, to name a few.

James: Bruce and I also enjoy laughing at each other’s stories about funny things that happen in life!

If you could be any fictional characters, who would you choose?

Bruce: I think I would choose Tarzan, Hercules, or Superman.

James: I'd be James Bond or The Flash!

If you were going to sing karaoke together, what would you sing and why?

Bruce: I think we would probably sing We Are The Champions (Queen), Layla (Eric Clapton) or Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)

James: I agree with what Bruce said, except not Brown Eyed Girl! I'd also add Da, Da, Da (Trio) to that list!

If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?

Bruce: I would probably have travelled after graduate school at McGill instead of going to Teacher's College.

James: I think if I could go back and change one thing it would be some of the career choices I made along the way!

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